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This is a disreputable company.Go to the bottom ( very bottom!) and look at.all their hidden restrictions...

Under FAQ...

If you did unfortunately deal with them, check to make sure they sent you exactly what you ordered and not some cheap imitation, take pictures of how it was packaged. Also save packing slip or note if there is not one enclosed. Keep the mailing label. Take pictures of what came.

If you have tried to call several times with no answer, try calling from a different phone number. Call your bank and note the problem immediately. They will want you to sent product back and wait 30 days to see if they respond, but let them note the problem so it will be easier if you have to deal with it later. Make sure you have a tracking # if you do return it, with confirmation receipt!

Do not listen to their threats or give up. Document everything!!!

Stay calm and keep trying!Good luck!


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orderd wrong item.never received a packing slip.Called them several times and they tell me that all return items are charged a 25% re-stocking fee.

if i would have known I would never put in the order.I just want to return it and get my monet back.Never again !!!!!!


TrendTimes SUCKS!!!I ordered a RC Ferrari and was sent a RC Ford GT.

Was told at least they were both "red".While I was able to recoup the cost of the car, I was stuck with all the shipping charges over $25.


The toy was NOT NEW, it was damaged due to INFERIOR PACKAGING, and all attempts to contact Trend Time Toys for refund have gone unanswered. No doubt I was scammed.


I am upset with this company too!I ordered a toy for my niece dec 8th!

They billed my credit card dec 13th no email confirmation no shipping information.

Try to call and the voicemail keeps changing their hours of operations so upset 3 days till Christmas eve and won't have this specially requested gift for my niece.Not liking trend times toys and feels amazon should not support that company!


Shipped me a defective product, afetr I returned it denied they received it until I proved it with trackling information, then lied to the credit card company about what they sold me. do not give them your credit card information.

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