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We ordered a remote control boat for our son on July 4, 2011.After two weeks I called to ask where my shipment was because I was told 5 - 10 days.

They said it would be another 10 days. Five weeks after the order we received a broken boat. We called customer service and they sent another boat out. This boat was also broken.

We sent them an email with details about the battery harness not being secured and it was sitting on top of the gears for the propellers. There was no way this boat was ever going to work. They told me that in the 11 years of being in business that they have never encountered two boats being defective and they suggested that I use new batteries. I explained to them that we did use new batteries but the wires are in the gears so it will not work.

They are now ignoring our request to return the badly engineered boat. Now I have found that many people have had problems with this company. There really should be something we can do to shut them down.

They are really a bad company.I have been using online companies for years and I have never been so badly treated.

Monetary Loss: $39.


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