I ordered an item for my grandson.Approx.

2 hours later I found that he already had the exact item. I contacted Trend Times immediately to cancel the order but was advised It was already on the truck and would cost for them to remove it. The person I dealt with on the phone was the rudest I have ever talked to. He ranted and raved at the top of his voice on how inconsiderate I was and hung up on me.

I called back and was forwarded to the same person who advised this would happen every time I called. After I hung up he called back to talk to my wife. Instead of apologizing he ranted and raved at her also.

I will never deal with this place again.If I send the item back when I receive it they will charge me more that half of the item price and the rest will be given as credit.


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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #189954

This *** called the police on him because I told him I would go over there and beat the *** out of him.I am 88 years old.

Just made that threat out of anger. Does this *** really think I am capable of doing that.

Also he told the police he hung up on me because I called him a retard and ***.Well he deserved it.

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