I received my order of helicopter parts and thought they shorted me some bearings. The website had a photo of 4 bearings and that's what I thought I was paying for.

On 06/03/11 at 3:50PM EST I called Trend Times customer service to see about the missing 3 bearings. I was immediately floored by the extremely rude, obnoxious, nasty customer service agent. He called himself Michael. There were moments in the conversation that left me speechless and in disbelief. How is it possible that they could treat customers this way and still be in business?

I was very friendly from the beginning, but it did not matter to this angry, vicious customer service agent. He said things like "You can't understand a simple product description and now you are pissed!" I am a respectful adult and business person. I don't use words like "pissed." I would never use words like that with my customers. He accused me of trying to get something for nothing. His tone was condescending, threatening, and very mean.

I am a 43 year old man and have had many life experiences with bad products and challenging customer service encounters. I have never had an experience that remotely compares to this one. This is my first ever written complaint.

At the end of the call, Michael seemed to admit that the ad was misleading and offered to ship me 3 bearings free of charge. He said it in these words and in his rotten tone, "Do you want me to ship you 3 bearings free of charge? Will that make you happy?!!" I said sure.

I received an email shortly after the call confirming the order. I was still shaking and upset from the encounter. I was very angry and regret that I gave them any of my hard earned money. The email was from Samantha Redding and appeared to by a legitimate order confirmation. I just looked at the email again and realized it was for 3 separate individual bearings and still not the original 4 of the same bearing that I wanted to begin with. If Michael shut his nasty little mouth for a moment and understood my complaint, he could have maybe gotten the order right.

I was concerned that this company was going to try to bill me for these parts anyway, so I immediately got on the phone with American Express to put a block on any future charges from Trend Times.

Well, it's been almost 2 months now and I still haven't received the free parts Michael promised me. I didn't think I would. I have been buying the same parts from a company in China for less money and with friendly service. I was always anti-China as far as where I send my money, but I learned on June 3rd that China is a much better place to send my money than this awful Trend Times company in El Monte, California. There are many places to get the hobby things you are looking for. Stay away from Trend Times.

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Same here.........it's still happening in 2015 with the same lovely Samantha Redding!!! They sold my dad a bad RC Tank and gave him the run around with the return.

I stepped in and was nice at first. Their service is so horrible, it turned in to a *** match. She tried to bribe me to close my complaint with the BBB before she would send me a "duplicate" copy of the return shipping label she supposedly emailed my dad. Their tactics are consistent with every web site their name populates.

It's amazing!!!!


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