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The company doesn't ship when they say they will.I ordered the hot deal of the day or something catchy like that, which was out of stock.

No tracking number was provided in the order confirmation and nobody answered the 800 number until after I held for over 20 minutes. Upon answering, the agent was unfriendly and unapologetic, and the best he could do was promise to send a tracking number within 24 hours. i best that tracking number will never come. I won't made a mistake like this one again.

In the virtual world you can't trust anyone.I'll order from a reputable company like Amazon next time.


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Yes...Total scam.

I have a tracking number from them. UPS says they never shipped. Reported to CC as fraud. Customer service does answer the phone after a while, keeps saying they will return the call but never do.

Been 2 months.Don't seem to care when threatend with reporting to credit card.

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