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So, I order an RC place from notice in thier online ad that the color maybe not be what you see, what they FAIL to mention is that they dont even ship the model of the same spec, but a cheaper version of.

So after getting this plane, wrapping it up, my son opens it on Xmas to find at totally wrong gift. So I call trendtimes to be told that it is the same model, which I can tell is BS. Plus the customer service guy as an AH to boot. I send it back unopened, but did photograph everything so they could not claim damage to the item.

Then I get my amex bill, they only refunded 70% of the bill, claiming a 25% restock fee, even though they never sent the right thing in the first place.

I have filed an official complaint with the BBB of Arizona.Trendtimes represents a new LOW in online service and representation.


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TrendTimes SUCKS!!!They did a bait and switch with me also.

I ordered a RC Ferrari and was sent a RC Ford GT.

Was told at least they were both "red".While I was able to recoup the cost of the car, I was stuck with all the shipping charges over $25.


I meant to say for over 10 years.

How could we possibly organize our complaints?


They cannot be allowed to continue this!!! They have been ripping people off for over years!!! Let's start a class action lawsuit.

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