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I placed an order online with Trend Times on June 30 and was told I'd have my order in between 5-10 days.After 12 days I called trend times and was told my order just went out that day cause it was out of stock and tracking would be updated for me the next day.

Then when tracking was not updated an additional 3 days later I called trend times again and the gentleman updated the tracking so I had a ups number and the link. Unfortunately, it only showed delivered on July 13th in the USA(I'm in canada). Anyways, finally today(july 30th) I called UPS and they told me that they have yet to receive my order and that trend times had only informed them that they had an order coming up and got a quote, never schedualed a pick up with them. Then I called trend times (and this is the part that blew my mind) and spoke to a manager.I began to explain why I was calling and I was immediately cut off by the gentleman told that I had NO right to be calling ups I should ONLY be dealing with them and that ups didn't know what they were talking about but the order was shipped.

I asked how I find out where my order is at the moment and I was beyond rudely told that if I would be quite he would tell me. I asked him to please tell me then and he went off on my "attitude"( which I made VERY sure NOT to have) and told me that I would have to email my concern in because he"could not deal with me"( at this point I would almost think he's joking because I have been NOTHING but polite and patient) . When I relize he's seriouse I ask just to please cancel my order and refund my credit card. The he sounds happy and says sure, BUT I'll be charged a 25% restock fee.

I ask if my only option is to pay more for something I'm not getting or to not know when to expect it and he said "I'm hanging up now" and he did so. I have NEVER had such pathetic customer service in my life. I believe this company(from what I've been able to dig up) is a small company run by 1 or 2 people( i believe the 1 I spoke to was an owner) and they rely on their "restock fees" that they charge people when they are basically forced to cancel their order.

I recomend that you NEVER use this company and in my opinion they are a scam.


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I am currently in Afghanistan right now but when I return I am looking into getting a lawyer to take them down.I got the same response about my attitude.

I am not sure if you can get your back to refund you the money.

That's what I had to do.Well I hope that people read the reviews prior to shopping with this company.

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