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Ordered RC nitro boat four weeks before birthday - not enough. Here's a summary of the communication:

You know you really messed me up on this!

August 4th - I placed this order thinking I had plenty of time for my wife's birthday party scheduled for August 28th.

August 6th - Then two days later I noted that you had specified these items as being in stock and that the status section of your WEB site did not provide tracking numbers and that my card had yet been charged and to make sure all was ok with the order. Later that day you assured me the order was shipped from two different warehouses stating "however, it is on its way" (this is a bit rude) You should have just sent the tracking numbers!!!!!!!!!

August 9th – I again asked you for tracking numbers so that I could see the status of the shipment. (noting again that your WEB page of the order status did not include the tracking number)

August 10 – You replied that you did not have the new tracking sheet but should arrive any day now if not already.

August 20th – I reminded you that this was the 12th business day since ordering and still no boat. Asked AGAIN for the tracking number. You replied you would ask the warehouse manager about it.

August 23rd – Yesterday, Monday In earnest I waited for UPS and still no boat so I asked you again for the tracking numbers. You finally looked into it and found out it was backordered!!!!!

Please cancel order and credit my VISA!

No I am in a JAM for my wife's birthday, this I wanted to avoid!


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My order receipt has the same tracking number for both items, I only got one.This is 12 days after I got the first piece.

I sent 5 emails, complained to the BBB of AZ, which btw list their company with a F rating...still no answer.....over there in AZ,, yes Alexis is the one that say, be patient, WTF....until when!!! My son will be 3 soon *** liars...stick to a reputable company and don't get ripped off for 65 bucks like me.

A sucker is born everyday, too bad it was my turn.MFERS.

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