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I made my purchase in November and had call there twice for shipping status.The owner doesn't have any info about the order and at the same time gave me attitude.

He also gave me a run around and also blaming on the post office. I called the post office and they said that the shipment never received by them. Their gimmick is sending you the shipment number, but never pass the shipment to the post office. It is xmas time and i still don't have the product.

Don't purchase anything from this website.They are not reliable.

Monetary Loss: $90.


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Thank you! I called and had the same "customer service" and cancelled my order after reading these reviews.


I purchased a flight Simulator from Trendtimes in November.the day received it I could not get it to work.

i notified them by email and they sent me a couple links to try and was still not able to get it to opperate. They instructed me by email to return it for a refund. After a couple months of not receiving the refund I called tio be told they did not receive it. i found my receipt and sent them the tracking number and a report showing who signed for it.

Still no refund so I contacted the credit card company.

After they investigated they could not give me a refund because Trendtimes told them I purchased a remote control helicopter and returned it broken.Do not give them your credit card information.


I should have done some research before I made a purchase from this company.I just experienced the worst treatment from customer service in my life.

I am fairly certain I had the pleasure of getting yelled at an berated by the owner of the company a few minutes ago. I simply inquired through the chat service on about my order and when it would be shipped as their site was giving me conflicting info compared to The customer service lady instantly was rude herself and even had the nerve to write me..."you ordered your shipment ground and YOU have the nerve to be frustrated?"..she then followed up that a manager would call me right away. Within 2 seconds (literally) my cell phone rang.

The guy on the other end screamed at me, told me I was ridiculous and said that if I apologize for MY behavior and apologize he will be glad to agree to still ship my order, but if I didn't he would be happy to refund my money. I was so astounded that a business owner would blatantly demand that a customer beg for their shipment and apologize for inquiring about the status of their order(after $135.00 debit was processed from my account) I did the obvious and told him "up yours" politely and asked for a refund. He is insufferable and one of the worst human beings, in a professional setting, that I have ever dealt with. DO NOT make a purchase from this company.

You will regret it immediately.I can only hope that what goes around comes around and he will rightfully get what he deserves!

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