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I ordered RC helicopters for Christmas.They sent a cheap imitation.

The bank said to return it and track it and give them 30 days to respond. Trend times would not answer the phone and I could find no information on how to return something. After reading others experiences with them I went to FAQ at the very bottom of the site. They have the nerve to state that if you attempt to contact your bank to dispute a charge or a chargeback they will charge you a $50.

Administration fee!!!! Plus a restocking fee and shipping and handling! Can you even believe it? When they didn't even sent me what I ordered?

I probably owe them money after all of that and I don't even have the helicopters!

I am going to make sure I get a full refund but I just can't sit by and watch these shysters continue to hurt OTHERS!!!

We have to unite somehow and take them DOWN!!!Maybe a Class action lawsuit, expose them on Dateline, or just find someone to shut down this business!


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I work for a credit card company and I, too was ripped off.They sent me the wrong merchandise and items were missing items that I ordered.

When I wrote and called them, they responded with a rude e-mail and by phone also told me that nitro cars are not returnable.I'm in the process of seeing what can be done to shut them down as a merchant and will follow them if they set up shop in another name.


I actually talked to them.They berated me and lectured me on how a customer should be.

And after hanging up on them they called me back.Never do business with them.


I must say, I bought a little boat to chase the ducks off my pond and didn't have a bit of trouble with these people. I read all of the reviews AFTER I hit the submit button and thought "Oh Sh*t"; BUT I received an email with a tracking number 3-4 days later, the boat arrived and everything was cool, same boat as ordered, all in one piece, no issues at all.


I am one of the suckers that got stuck from this company for over 500.00 and with many attempts to get my money back with out any luck.this was over a year ago. Please people do not buy anthting from this company.


I am having the same problems with these rude and ridicualous people.Ordered on February 16th and still havenot received a call.

I called and all I got was nothing but hostility and complete unprofessionalism.Not sure what to do at this point, but I don't want to give this company any business!!!!

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